miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011


For our third term project, we are designing a campaign for the Fair to showcase the products Chinita Center URBE EFL in Second Life. Contains a lot of colors to represent the sweety with some designs done for us.
It's a team effort and we decided to make a logo with a slogan, a poster and material POP (Point of Purchase materials






Greetings to eveyone I visited http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UWA%20Winthrop/209/128/248 at second life, was a veyr veyr interesting place the teacher Pionia gave us this land mark for visit and have a great time, well i did have a great time exploring and watching all the interesting creations was there!!! here i leave some pictures of the place and the creatings !! all was very nice and 3D colorfull.
I think was a really nice  place with a lot of interestin and sicodely art!! i see the manage of colors like a tool of our career, there was a strongful color manage very interesting and good mande...
Hello! the other day I did some excersises to practice for the TOEFL test. Honestly I didn't find it that hard, I even had fun.
I was really stressed and I did it.  It's was really good even my mom play with be  me and we laugh a LOT. So I played with her and this is was or grade.


I learned that for a job interview should be prepared for what happens, as you will ask questions of your expectations and achievements in your education because you can be surprised by a group of people instead of one at the interview.

Dress in a manner appropriate for the position and where one wants to be. Make sure that clothing is in perfect condition, nor to bring lots of jewelry or heavy makeup, everything must be simple and sophisticated.

To make a big impression at the time of the interview should be to maintain good eye contact, smile, shake hands, show enthusiasm and ask for the  work at the end of the interview. Also expected to always give you orders and do the questions, is a key point.

In interviews in restaurants or public places should be kept focused and not distracted by what might be going around and try to maintain a high voice and strong so they can hear you fine.

When questioned by more than one person is important to adapt to the conversation of the two individuals and to keep including the issue as if it were a single person who is questioning him.

For when the interview is by phone the best thing you can do is show that you have a lot of energy because the voice is what is showing as a first impression.

An important tip that we all know is that it is illegal to lie detector unless the case of a government job and is also illegal to ask things and issues that are personal and include the family.

It is always important to ask before you go if you can get the job because it is the key moment of the interview.
And is also important to not be shy when you call back if the interview call and leave a note with your name or phone the receptionist or assistant to remember and they will be safer to call you for the job .


1)How are you today?- Really excited

 2) Tell me about yourself?- Well, i was born and raised in Maracaibo-Venezuela, I attended the URBE University and received my master's degree in Graphic Design. I love watching tv in my free time and travel and During the summers, I know 3 languages, spanish, italian and english.
3) What type of position are you looking for?- I would like any position for magizine editor
4) Are you interested in a full time or part time position?- I am more interested in a full-time position. However, I would also consider a part-time position.
5)- What is your greatest strength?- I work well under pressure. When there is a deadline, I can focus on the task at hand  and structure my work schedule well. With a specific time I can do really good works. 6)- Why do you want to work for us?- Because i love the world and everything that it deal with celebrities and entertainment, with photography, editing, things like that and also i'm okay to work long hours and weekends. I think i am willing to take this job with all the responsabilities it takes.
7)-What experience do you have in this field?- Well I worked for a small compane of magazine and i have a little experience.

8)- Are you applying for other jobs?- Yes, Actually I can learn other things
9)- How long would you expect to work for us if hired?- I expect to work in a very long time if you let me.
10)- When can you begin?- As soon as you would like me to begin.

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Suffix and Prefix

This is a fun game and you have to be smart to do it, with this game you can learn about the meaning of prefixes and suffixes and how to use the words, there were words I didn't know how to write in with the subject and the prefix and with this game I learned to do it and know how to make the right. You should try play it. Trust me and good luck.


miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Why did I pick this jobs?

Work as a graphic design it's like drink a bottle of chocolate, I LOVE IT. I don't have the enough experiencie but i know how to do a couple of things. Well that i readed about the jobs and i can do a few thing about what the want in their company, i pick this jobs because i love doing web page, be very creative at the time to do it. I know how the deal with photoshop and other programs that the ask.
I love work in group and know the opions of my other friends. I really responsable of my workd because i don't like to waste my time. and i would to live in london.

Junior Graphic Design

Junior Magazine Editor